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The Guilds of Kasteel



Not too long age there was a wide variety of guilds and associations available to adventurers in Kasteel. From the militant groups such as the Borderland Mercenaries, The Kings Foresters, The Michelines etc., to the religious guilds like the Hospitaliers, The Queens Physicians and The Golden Monastery to name but just a few. At one point there were probable over fifty different guilds operating their own strict entry criteria and guidelines. With all this going on there was much rivalry between the guilds, skirmishes broke out and there were always arguments between guilds over various issues of law etc.
It was a paranoid time and something had to be done. The current King Joshua XXX??? Was the one who put a stop too it. Just a few years ago King Joshua announced the abolition of all existing guilds and the creation of four new ‘Greater’ guilds. The old guilds were quickly absorbed into the new ones, some being disbanded altogether, and the new guilds grew in size so that, today, they are each a power in themselves, commanding great respect from the high ranking guild members, both in court and out on the field.

No matter what class or race you are, the guilds all operate an equal opportunities policy, (although it might be slightly more difficult for some people to gain entrance into some guilds.) and all guilds actively seek a diverse membership. Each guild is described below.

No doubt the largest of the current guilds, the Kings guild was formed primarily because Joshua wanted more control over the guilds, whereas he has none previously, he now commands the largest. The Kings guild incorporates previous groups under the Kings direct control, i.e. The militia and army etc., and it also controls the majority of the previous militant guilds. Membership of the Kings guild means you will never be short of things to do as this is one of the most active of the guilds. Membership also includes good discounts on weapons and armour and also a reasonable tax rate (25%).

Second only in size to the Kings guild the ‘Churches’ as it is commonly known is also a large and powerful guild, offering excellent discounts on common potions and a guild policy that no member must ever harm another makes it a very safe guild to be in. There only discrimination policy is that no worshippers of the Silver Dragon are allowed to join this guild.

Although some say the towers are as large as the churches, their habbit of never quite giving you a straight answer means nobody knows for sure. Obviously the first choice for Mages, but mages need bodyguards too and the lure or arcane knowledge (and weapons and armour) make this guild a must for some. Reasonable potions discount and of course access to certain spells and knowledge, along with only 20% tax make this a popular guild.

Their motto of ‘GOLD, GOLD, GOLD, GOLD, GOLD’ says it all about the merchants guild. No guild tax at all, but all armour and weapons must be bought. The discount is ok though. The merchants like to keep most of their guild policies quiet but this if the place to go if you want to make money.

The Fith Guild
There are also rumours of a fifth guild that accepts members of a more dubious nature, but this of course is purely speculation !