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March 12th - 14th 1999

Ashey Valley Scout Camp Nr Heywood, Rochdale.

Friday night


Special low point Tavern night.
Saturday AM

Standard Length

The Schizophrenic ranger Bobby & Betty needs some adventurers to help sort out a little problem. Namely himself currenty turning into a Troll !
Saturday PM 75-175
Standard Length
The Free Company of EaglesWynd help Lyam De'Gray to try and retake his castle.
Saturday Evening   Tavern night at the Barons Beard in Kasteel.  Entertainment provided in the way of The Low Elf Harlequins birthday party.
Sunday Standard length
points TBA

April 2nd - 4th 1999

Legend Jersey

Friday night
24 hour
Legend Jersey are running a special 24hr adventure in the Chanel Islands. Fully booked but monsters welcome.

All sites from now on are provisional and subject to change.

May 8th - 9th 1999

Tiviot Dale Stockport.

Saturday Standard length special The Knights of the Rose attempt to rescure the missing children of Baroness Braddock.
Sunday TBA  

June 6th 1999

Nemesis Quaterly Meeting, Springhead, Oldham.

June 12th - 13th 1999

Moses Gate Country Park - Croal & Irwell, Little Leaver, Nr Bolton.

July 31st - August 1st 1999

Tattton Park, Knutsford. Evening Banquet (If we can book the site)

September 18th - 19th 1999

The Tower, Burnley, Lancs.

October 16th - 17th 1999

Tandle Hill Country Park, Royton .

November 13th - 14th 1999

Ashworth Valley Scout Camp, Heywood.

December 11th - 12th 1999

Gee Cross Country Park, Stockport.

So come on, and play. Its better than sex, well better than a Play station. Okay it beats small fluffy animals (barely).