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Nemesis is a Live Action Role Playing group that has been running in and around the Manchester/Stockport area for about seven years. It formed when the original club, Spirit of adventure ceased to play. We also have a sister club in Jersey.

The adventures that are run are set in a campaign orientated world, so what happens on your adventure can effect following plots and monsters. It can get quite involving. Don’t worry about feeling intimidated if you don’t know what’s going on, some of us that have been doing it for years, still haven’t a clue. We generally run adventures one weekend a month . The weekend usually involves the following :-

We run a medium length adventure, approx 5-6 hours, on both Saturday and Sunday, sometimes longer or special adventures also run. Every few months we run a indoor weekend , which runs from the Friday night to Sunday afternoon. We also have access to a scout camp, which gives us the opportunity to run outdoor adventures with a scout hut to run tavern nights and stay over. The tavern nights are time in and campaign orientated.

You will be followed by a trained (?) referee, who will track your damage and curing etc. The system is honesty based, you remember where and how many times you get hit, the Ref. Will keep an eye on you If you should survive your adventure, you will be given an amount of points, usually out of 20 respective to your role-playing and the assessment of doing your job, with these points you can buy skills relative to your character.

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