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How do you sort your character out?

As any sort of starting player you will get 20 points to spend on your character skills. To make the Admin and rules easier on both sides, a set of basic characters have been drawn up. The prefix ‘I’ denotes the rank/level you can use i.e. Bladed II allows the use of daggers, short swords, broad swords and long swords. Further ranks can be bought after you have adventured, i.e. I & IV gives you the use of bastard and great swords.

Fighter Crusader Warlock
Body III Stam I
Strength I
Hafted/Bladed II
Shield I
Armour II
Body II Stam I
Hafted/Bladed II
Armour I
Discern wounds I
Discern undead I
Cure I, II
Cure Disease I
Restore Stam I
Total of 7 power
Body II
Stam I
Hafted/Bladed II
Armour I
Magic sense I
Trip, Fumble I, Silence I
Sleep I, Magic missile I
Total of 8 power
Warden Mage Scout
Discern wounds I
Spirit sense I
Cure II
Cure Disease II
Restore Stam II
Dismiss II
Power 17
Magic sense I
Sleep I
Magic Missile I
Light I
Glue Poison Touch I
Power 17
Make/read maps
Body I
Rec creature II
Rec value I
Rec forgery I
Bladed/Hafted II
Dex I
Armour I
Ambi I

As you are new to the system, we have tried to give a little variety in the spell lists, however this may not fit to your character plan. So, we will be nice, just this once and let you change your lists, not skills, if you have survived. All of the skills, spells and multiplier rules will be on site, and soon the brief version will be on the web page (eventually).

Inevitably it will all become painfully clear.


General Character types


Get the idea, go out and twat things


Similar to a fighter, but has access to inherant spell lists. You can fight and cast spells. Not as good as a fighter in combat.


Similar to a crusader but has access to focused spell lists.


Has the choice of upto 3 inherant lists at a time.


Has the choice of upto 3 focused lists at a time.


Can go out and find he big bad monsters and relay information about the route to the party. Not a thief, honest.


Some of the skills – explained

General combat skills

Body - Allows you to take more hits
Stam - Allows you to keep awake longer
Strength - Allows you to cause more damage with your weapon
Armour - Padded, Studded, Chain and Plate amour can be worn, reduces the damage from a weapon blow
MLAU (Multi Layered Armour Use) - An extra suit of armour can be worn, only 1 extra point of AC
Bladed - Different ranks of swords can be used (dagger, short, broad, bastard and great swords)
Hafted - Different ranks of axes and maces can be used (similar to Bladed)
Poles – different sizes of pole arms can be used
Dex - Allows you to dodge some of the damage caused by a blow
Shield - Allows the use of different sizes of shields


General scouting skills

Recognition :

Most of the low level combat skills


Inherant Spell lists (Wardens and Crusaders)

Curing and blowing up spiritual creatures, controlling and dismissing undead and general protection spells. Using the Golden, Bronze and Silver lists, respective of your alignment (Good, Neutral and Evil).


Focused Spell lists (Mages and Warlocks)

Protection, damaging, negation and blowing up lists. Using the coloured dragons and the mighty dragon spell lists.


What do you need to bring?

A good pair of walking boots or DM’s etc, white Nike trainers are frowned upon by the fashion police.

Try and wear some sort of black base clothing, you will be able to borrow some kit of us for the first couple of outings, but then its all up to you. Let us know in advance of what you think you will need.

If you can make a basic tabard, do so, cut a curtain up (ask mum first). You will get more of an idea of what to wear after a few adventures. There are people who supply costumes and weapons, we can give you the contacts if you are interested.

If you have done some LARPing before, you may have some weapons that you used to use, bring them down. Nemesis operates a safe environment, so your weapons and fighting style will be assessed prior to your adventure.

Beer money* – need an explanation !!!!

* Alcohol is not allowed on adventures, anybody found intoxicated will not be allowed to adventure. With tavern nights however, alcohol is allowed (yippee).

Yourself, we tend to start running adventures at 10am, so get yourself there for at least 9.30am.

What else for you to do

After you have done an intro adventure, you can come and ‘Monster’. You get the chance of beating up most of the people that beat you up, that’s justice !!. Kit and weapons are provided for this, just wear you stoncky boots and black base kit. It is not obligatory for you to monster, but people have just gone out of their way to make your adventure enjoyable, so why not return the favour.

Monstering is the cheap way to have fun and not only learn to fight but also to learn the system. (A monster Ref. wrote this)