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kasteel Herald


First Printing – Limited Edition - Under new Management
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Interview with an Immortal – Kane tells it like it is.

‘I am Kane leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. I am Immortal. I cannot die, tied to the path of fate by chains of destiny none may break.’

I guide the brotherhood from the Temple of Nod in the valley of Tiberium.

*reporter looks around the temple and appears bemused at the vast quantity of light shining through a multitude of stained glass windows*

You expected this to be a place of evil, death and darkness? *gestures to all the brothers wearing headscarves and shades* We wouldn't be able to see shit if it was dark in here! *laughs* Two out of three ain't bad!

My favourite colour? Advisor whispers 'tell them you like black and red - it's what they expect' Black and Red of course.

As for my favourite food.... *looks puzzled, looks at advisor* Advisor whispers 'I don't know - you don't eat - how about pizza?' Why - pizza of course.

Hobbies? Mmm... *whispers to advisor* Advisor whispers 'no eminence - that's your vocation, tell them you go fishing' *getting annoyed* I go fishing.

Yes that's better, there's lots of things I don't like. *grins* I know, I'll list them for you on a scale of 1-10, ten being pathological hatred, one being mildly irritating;

I despise the G.D.I. and all their sympathisers (11), Goodly Adventurers with chips on their shoulders (10), Undead dissmissers (9), Bigoted 'nice' people (8), Laws against Silver Dragon magic (7), Meeks, Militia, Kings Foresters, Knights of St. John etc. (except the ones that can be 'bought') (6), Elves and Dwarves - you can't trust anything without a spirit it's unnatural (5), Other Immortals *advisor looks nervous* ....present company excluded, there can be only one... (4), People immune to Beguile (3), Belligerent undead that obey the letter of the command instead of the spirit of the command (2), My own conscience (1). *looks at reporter*, Are you immune to beguiles? No master....

The Best thing I've ever done? *smiles wistfully* I have done good deeds in my time. *advisor whispers to reporter to change the subject*

The most evil thing I've ever done - a much better question - and well put I might add. The answer is one veiled with perspective - to a follower of Nod my most evil act would be saving their life and denying them that which they seek - to serve me and my Dragon in eternal unlife as a true black brother. My most evil act in the eyes of the church of the golden dragon - ask them, they'll make a list big enough to fill a small library - then they'll die slowly as my minions rip out their hearts and burn it down!. *laughs insanely*

I have regrets....... But I will not speak of them here, save for my regret that my people are driven to war by the hatred of those who consider themselves pure and goodly. The spirit world was created by three Dragons - not two.

What made me what I am today? I am what my enemies have made me. I am a creation of theirs - without their hate and fear I would have no place in this world. They preach blasphemy against my Dragon - but I say he is greater than theirs, for he is one against two. Accept the Gold and Bronze they say - but despise the Silver. I will not be hunted, I will not go quietly into that dark night! Instead I will bring forth a holy war upon the infidels that dare oppress my faith! I will bring the hammer of war upon those who blaspheme my dragon - violence and bloodshed shall come as my brothers hail and kill across the lands of these fools, and the blood of innocents will darken the palms of the golden ones

whose madness has driven me to this. Know me and fear me, for I am the defender my dragon has sent!

Why did I take up adventuring? Know thy enemy. I know you well, and I am not afraid.

People I've met - friends family? I have friends, but family? It is not my way. I have no wish to bring a child into this world of hate. *looks genuinely sad - briefly* I have some friends outside of the brotherhood, were I not hunted and despised for my Dragon I would see more of them. *sighs* Perhaps friends and family are simply not part of my destiny.

What does the future hold for me? My future burns brightly as do the bodies of my enemies that lie pravilioned across the field impaled upon pikes! So brightly in fact that I am blessed to have shades! *laughs insanely* Seriously though, I pray for the glory of my Dragon and an end to the wars of faith that rage across this land. I am not optimistic that this will happen in your lifetime though.........

The recent peace talks? Yes the rumours are true - Darkovia has taken the first step toward a more reasonable stance between the two empires of the known world. She has held out her hand toward Kasteel in friendship, and despite a somewhat cool response from their adventurers come diplomats, She has not withdrawn it. Darcul is not the city of lies and corruption that these privateers would have you believe - there is a whole new feeling in her streets, there is a change in the air that could spread its hand outward over all of you in peace brotherhood and unity.

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