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kasteel Herald


First Printing – Limited Edition - Under new Management
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Earl Larius Resigns to
‘Spend more time with his Family’

An official Kings Guild statement today revealed that Earl Larius 38, single with no living relatives, has resigned ‘to spend more time with his family’.

The Earl was later led away by several high-ranking militia and guild officials to be placed in what they called ‘protective custody’.

Speculation began some months ago when it was revealed that the Earl had several improper relationships with his household staff.

Despite his numerous denials, the Earls reputation had been forever damaged. Later in the year unofficial reports came in from an anonymous source inside the King’s Guild, that during the recent war Larius was somehow involved in a convoluted arms deal with Serrant, who at the time were in cahoots with Darkovia.

The arrangements were made by various third parties to supply the Earl’s drinking partner’s, friend’s cousin – Edmund Duke of Serrant, with several shipments of dwarven crafted weapons and armour, which were themselves supplied by the Dwarven Cartel, and funded by a numbered account in Orlaine.

When asked about the matter the Earl made no comment and Baron Varos appeared to have a bad cough that prevented him from officially implicating the Earl in the matter.

The New Year brought further revelations of corruption and backhanded dealings when the Kasteel revenue examined the Earls accounts.

It was revealed that, when handing out the contract for the upgrade work on Fort Norward’s west wing, the Earl used his influence to give the contract to Gan Loko’s dwarven construction company Lokomotive Construction Co. and in return large deposits were made into the Duke’s numbered Orlainean bank account – the same account that funded the arms for Serrant deal the previous year.

The Earl claimed that the Lokomotive deal was the best value for money and ensured jobs for the local workforce. When questioned on the Orlaine payments he claimed that no such account existed and that Ambassador Dubious handled all of his interests in Orlaine and could clarify this matter once and for all.

That clarification was of course impossible, due to the Ambassadors incarceration in a facility for the mentally challenged, and as for Lokomotive contract, Baron Grewcore insists that Gan’s repatriation of his boys to the village of Norward in no way qualified them as ‘local’.

The Baron further added that ‘Gan Loko couldn’t even spell value for money, let alone give it! That dodgy accountant is in it upto his neck and beyond! He’s about as honest as he is tall dark and elven, and when I get my hands on him…’

Gan Loko himself was unavailable for comment but one the directors of Lokomotive Construction, a Mr Franklyn said ‘Larius is a damn hero, he did it for his country, it’s criminal to see him treated like this’. When asked what exactly he ‘did’ Mr Franklyn had nothing further to add.

The revenue itself refused to comment on the grounds that any comment would undermine their own investigation into the Dwarven Cartel, saying that a full report would not be made public when the investigation is completed.

Later that day we caught up with a highly placed member of the revenue who was disintegrating official documents, when our reporter asked to see the records herself they replied that ‘there is no longer any evidence to support the accusations against the Earl’


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