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Potion & Scroll  Costs


POTIONS AND SALVES (Salves cost plus 10g)
Cure I 50g Restore I 50g Galvanise 300g
Cure II 100g Restore II 100g Bone Melding Kit 100g
Cure III 150g Restore III 150g
Cure IV 200g Restore IV 200g Anti Venom I 100g
Cure V 250g Restore V 250g Anti Venom II 200g
Fortify I 40g Might I 60g Vigour II 75g
Fortify II 80g Might II 120g Vigour II 150g
Fortify III 120g Might III 180g
Fortify IV 160g Might IV 240g
Fortify V 200g Might V 300g
Power Restore I 200g
Power Restore II 400g
Power Restore III 600g
Power Restore IV 800g
Power Restore V 1000g


Venom I 120g Tire I 50g Narcosis I 100g
Venom II 300g Tire II 100g Narcosis II 200g
Tire III 150g Narcosis III 300g
Tire IV 200g
Tire V 250g
Delusion I 75g Poison I 50g Acid I 70g
Delusion II 150g Poison II 100g Acid II 140g
Poison III 150g Acid III 210g
Poison IV 200g Acid IV 280g
Poison V 250g Acid V 350g


Dragon Shield I 130g Dragon Skin I 120g
Dragon Shield II 280g Dragon Skin II 130g
Dragon Shield III 320g Dragon Skin III 300g
Dragon Shield IV 540g Dragon Skin IV 320g
Dragon Skin V 450g
Dragon Skin VI 600g
Magic Cure I 130g
Magic Cure II 180g Magic Restore I 300g
Magic Cure III 280g Magic Restore II 400g
Magic Cure IV 540g Magic Restore III 500g
Magic Cure V 600g Magic Restore IV 600g